How do I fit it to my car?

clip with arrow to number plate and P plate with arrow to clip

Grab your new clip and face the triangular part (or tongue) of the clip towards the number plate. The 'number plate side' goes behind the number plate.

Clip a corner on to the number plate then push the rest of the clip 'home'. Have a look to see that there isn't a gap between the backbone of the clip (the live hinge) and the number plate.

Now push your L plate or P plate onto the clip. Start by pushing a corner of your L or P plate into the clip and then slide the rest of the plate in.

Once again, make sure it is pushed 'home'. Have another look to see that there aren't any gaps between the live hinge and the edge of the L or P plate.


If you're an L plater or if you're using someone else's car, then you can simply remove your plates from the car and leave the clip there for your next drive. Simply clip on the L or P plate.

Tip: When the clips are new they are quite stiff. You can make them more malleable by bending or manipulating the different faces of the clip.


Are these clips legal?

Roads and Maritime Services in NSW have purchased many thousand.

P on 4 sides

How do I get melted magnetic plates off my car?

Be patient. It can be done without scratching your paintwork any more than it already has.

  • The idea is to be gentle with it. Use soapy water and a soft, clean cloth to wash around the plate to start with.
  • Get a hair dryer and heat the magnetic plate till it is pliable.
  • Slowly lift the edge of the magnetic plate. You may need something firm to help lift it up. Something like a plastic ice-cream container lid cut in half.
  • As the magnetic plate heats and becomes more pliable you can push the plastic underneath a little bit at a time.
  • Try to keep it lubricated as you do that. Squeeze or spray some soapy water underneath as you go.
  • Keep at it, bit by bit and hopefully it will come off without any more damage.
  • Give the area a wash and polish to finish.
Note: Some people have used WD40 instead of soapy water but we haven't tried that. Have you? We'd be interested to know.

Where can I attach my L plates?

Anywhere on the license plate. Top, bottom, left or right. Front and back for a car or truck and only on the back for a bike. Some States require that the attached plate doesn't bend out more than 45°.

My number plate is recessed in the car. How will it fit?

On some cars the number plate cavity doesn't allow enough room to position a P or L plate properly without the clip.

The compliant nature of the clip live hinge means you can. You can clip your P or L plate straight on to the number plate and have it bend out at an angle from the number plate.

That's a big advantage but in most states it shouldn't bend out more than 45°. Alternatively you could clip it to the bottom or top of the number plate.

Will the P plate clip fit an L plate?

Yep. You bet!

The NSW profiles of the red P plate, the green P plate and the L plate are the same so the clip will fit them all.

And don't forget - you can clip them on the top, bottom, left or right of your number plate.

If you're on L plates you may even want to clip a couple on the front and a couple on the back.

Why won't it work on my car?

It's pretty unusual for the clips not to fit but there could be a few things you could try...

  • Make sure the clip is pushed 'home'. Have a look to see that there aren't any gaps between the backbone of the clip (the live hinge) and the P plate or number plate.
  • The triangular part (or tongue) of the clip needs to go behind the number plate.
  • There are some, (very few), number plates that have been produced with a number plate profilesdifferent manufacturing process to most. These number plates have been stamp moulded with an American profile on the edge so they differ to the majority of number plates. The number plate edge profile is flat (see left picture) and not rounded (see right picture) and in some cases may cause the clip to slip or move. If this occurs please contact us with a photo of your number plate edge for verification and we'll refund the cost of your purchase*.

    * A copy of your receipt is required. Please contact us with your details.

Is Australia the only country that has L or P plates?

We are not the only lucky country to have P plates. Italy has an actual P plate and their P stands for 'principiante' - meaning beginner.

But there are a lot of countries that have plates or stickers to indicate some form of novice driver. Some countries, such as Japan, have a sticker that novice drivers are required to put on the car window.


Hong Kong Canada


Source: Wikipedia, Wordreference

How do I get my P1 driver license?

Each State has different rules when it comes to obtaining a license. See the answer to the next question or our State links on the home page.

In NSW the RTA have the best information on getting a license

If you are 17 years of age or older, you are eligible to attempt the Driving Test if you have logged at least 120 hours driving time (which includes a minimum of 20 hours of night driving) and have held your learner license for at least 12 months.

Note: drivers aged 25 years and over are exempt from the 12 month tenure and log book requirements.

You will need to book for the Driving Test by calling the RTA on 13 22 13 or booking online at myTests on their website.

Where's the info for my State?

QLD - Displaying P plates

Victoria - Get Your P's

Vicroads - P plater car restrictions

Vicroads - Displaying L and P Plates

South Australia - Displaying P plates

ACT - road ready

Western Australia - licensing

Other links


Wikipedia - L-plates

Where can I buy some clips?

Find your local stockist on the list or buy through our shop online.

My question isn't here!

Please contact us with your question and we'll get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.


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Did you know?

Make 1 HOUR = 3 HOURS

In NSW a learner driver who completes a 1 hour structured driving lesson with a fully licensed driving instructor can record 3 hours driving experience in their Learner driver log-book.

See the NRMA website for details.


If you're on P's and towing a trailer, a P plate must be displayed on the back of the trailer.


NSW - The RTA have the best information on getting a license.

Wikipedia - About driver's licences in Australia